Lucas Merencia

Node-Cron 2.0 is released!

In February 2016 I created a script for task scheduling in node.js, then I decided to search about that and I find some libraries, but the libs are using many dependencies to execute schedule a task. I don’t think is necessary to use many dependencies to do a simple thing. So, I decided to create my first node.js module to learn more about node.js and how to release that at npm.

I created a simple script for job scheduling and shipped it. I’ve created a readme, generated a Github page and posted that at Reddis.

So was that my first node module was released! And because of that, I went to bed happy. To my surprise in the next day, I receive some comments… And many starts at Github. Wow! In the next day more stars, and more in the next day.

I received more than 200 starts and I was very proud of that, but with the stars, I started to receive some issues :). I’ve fixed the easy ones, and my focus was not on my project anymore…

After 2 years node-cron received 600+ stars and I realize that I probably have more code running in production environments through node-cron than the code that I write at my work. And because of that, I decided to write a new version of node-cron. And this is the release notes:

I know this is a very short list but is that now node-cron is a little better, and I may say:

Node-Cron 2.0 is released!