Lucas Merencia

The comfort effect

Some days ago I knew the Wim Hof method, I’ve downloaded the app and started to follow that.

One thing that I must do is a “cold therapy”, so I must expose myself to the clod taking cold showers. Ok, it’s not a hard thing in Brazil… But the winter is coming, and today after wakeup when I went to the bathroom to take a shower was 6º C (~42º F) and right before to jump into the water my mind starts to throw a lot of thoughts, “you may use warm water”, “it’s really cold today, why are you doing that?”, and a lot of excuses to avoid the cold.

Image from Pexels

In our life, we face many situations like that, our brain wants to keep we in a comfort zone, “why should I assume any risk?”. The default human mindset is staying comfortable, avoid risks, but a cold shower is not a real risk! The comfortable mindset is so deep that we start to avoid uncomfortable situations, even that ones that are good for us, just to stay comfortable.